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France Transit Visa

If your final destination is not France, rather there is just a halt for certain hours for your ongoing journey; in that case you need to apply for the Transit Visa for France we can assist you to apply French transit visa.

France Transit Visa: It is issued by the France Embassy for the purpose of transit in France for a specific duration of time. It is generally applied by the airlines via which you are traveling.

Purpose: it is generally issued to the pilots, air hostess or the aviation related parties when they have to rest for the further flights or the travelers having long hours break in their journey in France.

Duration: It is valid only for few hours ranging from 1-2 days.

Documentation for France Transit Visa:

All the documents required are same as the other type of visa only there is a change in the application form which is separate form.

There might be case specific different rules applicable in certain different cases for the details please feel free to contact us.

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